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MotoforPeace is organising, for Spring 2006, a new motor bike expedition to

the Middle East.


Following the North Cape (Jubilee 2000), Kosovo (Easter 2001), RomaPeking

(2002), and “A Bridge for Africa (2004) , the association has decided to focus

on a geographical area which has for years been ravaged by war, violence, hostilities

and armed struggle.


The scope of the trip is to show our solidarity and support of the MotoforPeace

Association through the delivery of two ambulances, health-sanitary and other

equipment to the community of Palestinian children in the refugee camps of Sabra

and Chatila and Dalal Al Moghrabi KG in Burj El- Barajneh in Beirut.


The current draft programme envisages crossing Greece, Turkey, and probably

Syria, to arrive at our final destination: Beirut.

The choice of a refugee camp was unavoidable after we had become aware of

the serious situation of environmental and health deterioration in which these children

have to live, guilty only of being heirs to a dramatic story of civil war and hostility

between peoples.


Our trip will be merely a first step on the long road of understanding and

solidarity which not only the Lebanon but also the entire world has deemed



In the current phase of history, marked by the pluralism of peoples and regions,

in which wisdom, coming together and above all understanding between the cultural

and religious diversity of the people who live together in social situations far from

calm, it is fundamental to begin dialogue, and this is exactly what we intend to do

with our simple gesture of solidarity.


Looking forward to a future in which our Association can confide, a future in

which dialogue becomes a catalystic element, an essential factor for cohesion, of

unity and understanding. An intense dialogue between peoples who are culturally far

from each other, but with the intention of creating models of integration which allow

them to live together, in peace, and above all with dignity, in safeguarding their

common values.

A dialogue in which the priority is the respect towards the children.

A dialogue which transforms in a future without refugee camps, discrimination,

without such unfair inequality.


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